About the artist
I am a cross discipline 2D and 3D artist, designer and creative leader with about 15 years of experience working in the game industry. During the years I have worked with pretty much every aspect there is to art for implementation in games, but also for many other applications. My personal preference and which I am very used to is operating as a creative leader and production hybrid as I put a very high value on doing hands down work on whatever I am involved with. This helps to make me a better and more efficient leader without loosing touch with the reality of creative work. Personally I am also making an effort to develop traditional drawing and painting skills to build an even more solid foundation for what I believe applies to pretty much any type of creative work. And not to mention developing a solid retirement insurance once I get to that point in my life.
If you have any questions about the material on this site, inquiries about commissioned work, job offers or anything else that you might think of? Feel very free to send me an email using the adress below.

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