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I am a cross discipline 2D and 3D artist, designer and creative leader with about 18 years of experience working in the game industry. I have worked with many aspects of art for implementation in games, marketing and print, including an increasing amount of game design related things. My personal preference is operating in a creative leader and production hybrid position as I put high value on doing hands down work on whatever project I am involved with. This helps to make me a better and more efficient leader without loosing touch with the reality of creative work. My personal work revolve around, and often falls back on illustration, concept art and graphic design and I always aim to develop my digital as well as traditional drawing and painting skills to improve the foundation for what I believe applies to pretty much any type of creative work.


Current/past work



My personal interests often pull me toward the work I do professionally and vice versa. Ever since being a kid I have had a major interest in technically related things, design and construction. Building and painting scale models has been one of my major hobbies in life, including things like electronics, photography, programming, games and also always, at its core, drawing and painting. I like to stay in shape and work out quite a lot at the gym and taking long walks. Past interests include biking, hiking, swimming and archery. I am currently the President of the board of the "bostadsrättsforening" in which I own an apartment south of Stockholm. At the moment I'm getting more and more into programming on my spare time as an interesting complement to creating art. A number of years ago my life also changed a little as I found an interest in spiritual matters and often indulge myself in eastern philosophy, Zen buddhism and the plain old meaning of life.


References is happily provided upon request. As I have several specialities the specific reference may depend on the type of job being applied for.



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