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GRIN AB (Employed 2000 - 2009)

“Peter have been working for Grin during a total of nine years. During that time he ́s worked with many different things and had a number of different positions within the company. Regardless of his main tasks he ́s always maintained a width in what he is doing, and at all times has he aided other artists with directions and feedback in their daily work.The work that Peter have done for Grin can be summarized into three categories.

1. Design

As a designer Peter have been working primarily with image creation for a variety of applications. He has visualized large parts of the content for a number of different games, material which have then been used as a foundation for final production. He have experience creating everything from landscapes to weapons, architecture, vehicles, characters, props, technical schematics and level layouts, as well as paintings in full color of complete environments. He have also been creating images for marketing purposes. One of Peters strongest abilities have been to break down and explain technical contraptions, everything from how a machine works mechanically to in which steps and by which components it can be constructed/broken down into. The main tools Peter have been using are Photoshop as well as regular pens and paper to create illustrations and paintings both analogue and digitally. During the years he have been working with main focus on design he have shown huge improvement of his skills. Peter have also done a few freelance jobs outside the main company activities and gained much appreciation from those, which were also beneficial to the company.

2. Production

As a 3D artist Peter have contributed with a large amount of content for many different projects. Production involves the creation of the final assets used in the games as well as various types of technical setups. He have been working with a focus on environments, and created architecture, landscapes and many types of objects, everything from vehicles to light posts. Many times he have been creating assets using his own illustrations as a foundation. As a 3D artist he have also been working with effects and various kinds of interfaces. Another huge part of the production work have been to create textures for objects, something he have done effectively and exemplary due to his artistic talent. Other techniques involve normal-mapping which are a common thing in modern games, and which he is very experienced with. The main tools for Peters work as a 3D artist have been software for construction of 3D models such as 3D studio MAX, Sketchup, Zbrush and Mudbox. During one period he also worked with creating physical models out of clay, then scanning those models into the computer using 3D digitizing technology.

3. Leadership

During several years Peter have had a role as as leader in his capacity as a senior artist. In practice this involves helping less experienced staff with everything from their personal (professional) development within the company to hands down direction, help and feedback on their daily work, and also to introduce new employees to the work they have been assigned to do. Peter have at many times been a part of analyzing, creating, and distributing assignments for other artists, as well as reviewing the same tasks when completed. Another very important part of his work have been to create and develop foundations for how work is to be done, which not only involves creating visual designs but also technical specifications and explanations for how things are to be done, and arguments for why.”

The original document is signed by Ulf Andersson, creative director at Grin.

Sveriges Radio Örebro (Employed 1999 - 2000)

“Peter Johansson have been working part-time at Sveriges Radio Örebro during the time of one year. During this time he has been responsible for the development of our web portal. He have also during a few months time been responsible for traffic reporting on the channel P4-Radio Örebro. Peter have a very developed sense for design and layout, and the material he have been producing are of very high quality. The work he has done for us have been very appreciated, externally as well as internally. Peter works fast but despite that carefully, and his efforts are most appreciated from everyone within Sveriges Radio Örebro. I give him the best of recommendations.”

The original document is signed by Valdemar Andersson, editor-in-chief.

Lösnummer (Practical training at a university newspaper in 1998)

“Peter have a very developed sense of form, layout and design, in addition to his excellent drawing abilities. He has during his period here been a part of the production of the student paper Lösnummer, where he has done reports, taken photographs, made illustrations and worked with the layout of the paper, as well as contributing to the web edition. He is very careful, reliable and it has been a very nice time having him with us.”

The original document is signed by Erik Johansson, editor and publisher.

Jakobssons möbler (Practical training at a furniture company in 1995)

“Peter have done practical training in our warehouse during two weeks. His tasks have been to unpack and assemble various types of furniture. Peter is a workhorse and have executed the various tasks in a fine way.”

The original document is signed by Göran Jakobsson, director.

Adolfsons kläder (Practical training at a clothing store in 1994)

“Peter has been a big help during these two weeks. He is very independent and not afraid to work. He also takes responsibility and initiatives. He gets the highest mark from us at Adolfsons.”

The original document is signed by Markus Adolfson, director.