Project Log


1. Project status

I started this project in early 2009 and as I write this (24th June 2015) the project has been on the shelf for quite some time. Due to all kinds of things happening during late 2009 I did not have any time to work on it. I made a brief attempt and a bit more progress in 2011 as I picked it up and constructed a base mount (Check it out in chapter 19), at the time other things soon grabbed my attention again and I haven't made any further progress since that. I still hope to finish the project as there is really not many things left to do. I need to add something to the base to make it possible to mount the whole camera on a sturdy tripod, and I need to finish up the film/shot counter dial on the back and possibly a few other small details.

At one point in time, i think it was around 2009 and 2010, the project was highlighted through a number of blogs and I got numerous encouraging emails from people around the world who just enjoyed reading about it but also asking for constriction plans. Unfortunately I have none of that as the whole project is highly improvised from the start. The highlight from this period must be one robotics engineer from the US who apparently found a solution to his own project through my attempts at building the camera aperture, that was really fun! Since then I still get the occasional mail from people who stumble on my site and just dig the project. Fear not, I should really get to wrapping it up one day!

The images below, taken in in June 2015, show the current state of affairs. What you see in the bottom one are my neighbours outdoor grill projected on the ground glass. It´s a little hard to see as the focus in slightly off. I guess I will need one of those typical black hoods over the camera back and my head when composing images later on as it´s quite hard to see the image on the ground glass when it´s bright outside. But it definitely works and it´s cool to see what happens to the projected image as you change the aperture and focus.

Medium Format Camera Medium Format Camera Medium Format Camera

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