Project Log


1. Introduction

1:1 The Bluenose II

I felt restless and realised I had a craving (hmm) to build something, and not inside a computer as I usually do but something utilising my hands in more ways than just pointing and clicking. As I pondered the usual things, different types of fine scale contraptions, I noticed I definitely did not want to delve into the typical model project that I´m used to and after a while I figured out why. Plastic! I´m tired of cutting and assembling plastic stuff. Perhaps my sudden reluctance was tied to my recent personal development, increasing nature awareness, ecological mindset or some other hokus pokus that I won´t delve into here. The idea of something made out of wood though made me feel much better, and why not revive my old interest surrounding sailing ships then? Many years ago I started building a large plank on frame model ship called H.M.S Bounty (one that I still intend to finish some day), but at the moment I wanted something new, and not too big of a project. But not too simple either. After some research on available model kits I was hooked on a medium size and quite famous schooner called Bluenose built in the 1921. The ship had a successor called Bluenose II built in 1963 and to my surprise this one was rebuilt again as late as 2010. I found a website showing images throughout the construction and that also provided me with much of the high quality reference material I needed for the project. Thus my intention is to build a scale replica of the recently reconstruction of the Bluenose II. Also I will not use a kit but build the whole thing from scratch. The quality of most model ship kits is quite poor anyway and if you´re a more serious model builder you tend to replace much of the kit with custom made parts anyway. The image below show the earlier replica of Bluenose 2.

The Bluenose II

1:2 About the build log

I had no intention of making a build log for this project, but a friend kept nagging about it, even though she has little interest in my absurd attention to detail, sailing ships or scale modelling, but I also stumbled on another reason for making a build log. As I was re-reading (for fun) my older logs on the Fatman synthesiser and medium format camera I was struck by realisation that they are actually great accounts on my personal philosophy on creativity, motivation and problem solving. I realised that the stories (kind of) is applicable not only to the particular projects that I undertake and recount, but also most of my professional work as an artist and game developer. They might actually even apply to my life in general, or at least be an integrated part of my subconscious mind. As the quite experienced artist I am at work I often think about how to teach what I believe has made me successful to others aspiring on similar paths. Most often I end up thinking and talking about things having little to do with game development or 3D graphics but rather ramble on about general artistic values, creativity, inspiration and the importance of having fun. I believe that anyone interested in how I approach my professional work in particular could learn something (at least about me) from these project logs. As I am definitely also the person most interested in myself I have decided to write this log (or blog or whatever) for future personal reference. Perhaps I should also add that I don´t think I approach these particular projects of mine for the sole purpose of finishing them. Of course I hope to, but I begin to sense that they play a larger part in my personal as well as professional life.

I will try to keep the writing short and sweet and let the images do most of the talking. If you have any questions feel free to contact me using the mail adress at my main portfolio page.

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